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Kaeser M80 mobile compressor
Kaeser М80 mobile compressor
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Brand:  Kaeser
Model:  М80
Type:  mobile compressor
Year of manufacture:  2007
Running hours:  901 m/h
Net weight:  1410 kg
Location:  Kazakhstan Karaganda
Placed on:  more than 1 month
Machineryline ID:  FZ37283
Сompressor type:  screw
Capacity:  8.13 m3/h
Pressure:  7 bar
Overall dimensions:  400 m × 216 m × 175 m
Fuel tank:  150 l
Brand:  Kubota V3300 Di-T
Power:  79.18 HP (58.2 kW)
Condition:  used